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Editor: Matthew J. Drake
Palumbo-Donahue School of Business
Duquesne University

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The Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (DSJIE) is a peer-reviewed journal of the Decision Sciences Institute. Its mission is to publish significant research relevant to teaching, learning, and education in the decision sciences - quantitative and behavioral approaches to managerial decision making. The journal welcomes submissions relevant to the application and practice of the decision sciences both in business and other domains such as, but not limited to, healthcare, product development, and engineering management. Articles submitted to the journal should offer either proven innovation in classroom instruction/delivery, new insights into pedagogy, program development, delivery, or assessment, or empirically based analysis relevant to learning and education in the decision sciences. The goal of the journal is to not only provide resources that can enhance instruction, but serve as a forum for disseminating best practices.

2017 DSJIE Award Winners

Congratulations to the following award winners for their contributions to DSJIE in 2017. They were all presented with their awards at the DSI Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, in November.

Best Teaching Briefs (2 winners this year)

  • Using a Corporate Partnership to Enhance Learning in a Sourcing Negotiation Role-Play, Janet Hartley, Karen Eboch, and Jonathan Gilberg
  • A Simulation for Managing Complexity in Sales and Operations Planning Decisions, Scott DuHadway and David Dreyfus

Outstanding Associate Editor: Cliff Ragsdale

Outstanding Reviewer: Dorothy Klotz

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DSJIE has two new social media accounts, via a LinkedIn group and Twitter. These accounts will be used to announce new issues and to share news relevant to the journal and the teaching of the decision sciences overall. You can follow the accounts at the links below.

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Forthcoming Issue: Vol. 16 No. 1 (January 2018)

Teaching Brief

Chantey Castings: A Hands-On Simulation to Teach Constraint Management and Demand-Driven Supply Chain Approaches
Christian Grandzol and John Grandzol

Conceptual Research

Planning for Low End Analytics Disruptions in Business School Curricula
Thomas F. Rienzo and Kuanchin Chen

Empirical Research

A System's View of E-Learning Success Model
Sean B. Eom and Nicholas Ashill

Current Issue: Vol. 15 No. 4 (October 2017)

Teaching Brief

A Simulation for Managing Complexity in Sales and Operations Planning Decisions
Scott DuHadway and David Dreyfus

Empirical Research

Do Technological and Course-Related Variables Impact Undergraduates' Perceived Favorability and Willingness to Recommend Online/Hybrid Business Courses?
Gary Blau, Rob B. Drennan Jr., Satyajit Karnik, and Darin Kapanjie

A Conceptual Framework for Detecting Cheating in Online and Take-Home Exams
Kelwyn A. D'Souza and Denise V. Siegfeldt