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Editor: Matthew J. Drake
Palumbo-Donahue School of Business
Duquesne University

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Before you Review

Welcome to DSJIE Online. The journal strives to publish high quality work in a timely manner, and to provide authors with constructive feedback while maintaining tight deadlines. Your assistance and commitment to supporting an effective and responsive review process are greatly appreciated.

Areas of Expertise

The quality and effectiveness of the review process is enhanced when manuscripts are assigned to reviewers with the corresponding expertise, and reviewers are assigned manuscripts that are aligned with their interests and areas of expertise. If you have not already done so, please update your profile in manuscript central so that it contains your topic and methodological areas of expertise.

Editorial Statement

Please familiarize yourself with the DSJIE Editorial Statement prior to reviewing manuscripts as it describes the types of articles that DSJIE will consider and the contributions they should make.

Review Process

All manuscripts that have passed an inital screening by the Editor will undergo a double blind review process - authors will not know the identities of the reviewers nor will reviewers know the identities of the authors. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least two reviewers and an Associate Editor. Reviewers will have six weeks to complete their work. In the interests of maintaining a timely review process, it is imperative reviews are returned within this timeframe. Meaningful reviews are those that provide detailed and constructive comments that enable authors to make significant improvements to their work. In serving as a reviewer, you are making an implicit commitment to meeting these expectations.

Revisions will in general be processed by the same reviewers and AE that processed an original submission. Again, in serving as a reviewer for a manuscript, you are making an implicit commitment to being part of the review team for the manuscript until its final outcome is reached.


Editorial Review Board
Reviewers who provide exceptional service to the journal over a multi-year period may be invited to join the Editorial Review Board. Service on the Board represents recognition of an individual's contributions and commitment to the journal, and to helping to raise the standards of the journal.